Ms. Shaheen Anam

Executive Director
Manusher Jonno Foundation

Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) formed a Knowledge Management Team (KMT) in April 2018 for gathering evidence on what works, what does not work and capture lesson learned from its programmes. KMT is also contributing to extract, capture, store and improve both internal and external knowledge to improve the organizational performance. MJF’s advocacy, communication and various programmatic works are now more visible, specific and effective. MJF’s internal decisions at all levels are better informed. External dialogues so far has contributed to generating public discourse around human rights and good governance issues.

KMT is also leading MJF’s SDG team and contributing in advocacy efforts with the Bangladesh government and CSOs. I understand that Vienna-based Knowledge for Development Partnership (K4DP) is taking the lead in implementing SDG 17 which calls for multi-stakeholder partnerships for sharing of knowledge and technology. I congratulate K4DP for developing Agenda Knowledge for Development and MJF would support its endeavor in providing a universal framework for the advancement of knowledge in societies.