The development of the Kenyan Knowledge Agenda has been iniated at the global K4DP Conference 2019 at the UN Office in Nairobi. K4DP and the Kenyan Ministry of Devolution and ASALs joined forces to develop a National Knowledge Agenda for Kenya. After some initial work to setup the initiative, a K4DP meeting in february 2020, hosted by KCA University in Nairobi, strengthened this commitment and brought new insights and inputs for the Knowledge Agenda. Covid-19 challenged the work significantly, shifting urgent priorities, however never loosing sight of the vision. Based on numerous statements from key stakeholder groups – comparable to the approch on global level – we are currently creating the essence of the Kenyan Knowledge Agenda. The launch of the Agenda will hopefully take place in early 2022, together with the National Knowledge Management Policy and the Knowledge Management Strategy for the Devolved System of Kenya – to which K4DP contributed as an advisor.