On 17 December 2020, 4-6pm Vienna-time (CET), K4DP will celebrate its achievements of the year by launching its key innovations of 2020: The School of Knowledge Sciences, the Next Level Academy, the K4D Knowledge for Development Challenge 2021, the KM4D Award, and present – at the preliminary stage – the Kenyan Knowledge Agenda, and the permanent K4DP Online Meeting Space.

In cooperation with Knowledge Management Austria, the International Knowledge Management Awards 2020 will be given to one global KM-pioneer and to one International Organisation as a recognition for achievements in KM and Knowledge-based Development. In previous years the KM Awards have been given to Charles Dhewa and ILRI (2019), Ali Asgar Pourmand and IFAD (2018), Leif Edvinsson and the Joint Inspection Unit of the UN System (2017), Ibrahim Seba Al Marri and the km4dev community (2016). The KM Award is among the oldest in the world and given since 2009. The Award itself is the “Column of Knowledge” an outstanding and meaningful artwork of Austrian Artist Helmut Margreiter, designed in 2008.

Participation is free. Registration is not needed, the link will be provided shortly. The Ceremony will be recorded.