Dr. Md. Golam Rahman

Former Chief Information Commissioner, Bangladesh

Communication is one of the major components of behavioral and societal effort to perform a specific purpose. Knowledge is also an essential resource for the development of societies all over the world. Knowledge sharing has a very close link to communication in data, information and knowledge exchange process. Communication and knowledge management functions can strengthen and consolidate public awareness, attitude, skills, opinion, aspirations, motivations, and build consensus around any issue. Vienna-based Knowledge for Development Partnership (K4DP) has developed an Agenda Knowledge for Development around SDG 17 where communication has a pivotal role to play.
As a life-long educationist, researcher and practitioner of development communication, I can endorse that effective communication equipped with proper package of information contributes to a success of planned programmes. With more humanitarian approaches, the data management ensuring of information and technology would help the developing countries to achieve a faster growth and better life of people. I wish K4DP in its endeavor to mainstream knowledge management and communication to achieve targets of SDGs for greater benefits for the people of the world.