Dr. Ali Riaz

Professor, Department of Politics and Government, Illinois State University and Non-resident Senior Fellow at Atlantic Council, USA

Politics is essentially a process of comprehending the rights as citizens, understanding the responsibilities, exercising these rights and fulfilling these responsibilities even in adverse situation, and engaging in endeavors for common good – individually and as a community. All of these are the backbone of sustainable development. These can only be achieved through access to information and knowledge. Knowledge is not only the vital resource in achieving development but also a prerequisite for creating a more equitable world. Sharing the knowledge at global level contributes to the development of a pluralistic society and pursue inclusive development. Achieving the SDG requires the democratization of knowledge at national and global level. It is in this context that Knowledge Management, which means capturing, sharing and accessing knowledge, assumes a greater significance. We can ignore this only at our peril. Knowledge for Development Partnership is creating the awareness and providing a platform to achieve this goal. It’s beneficial for the global community to join the partnership and develop a global good practice of knowledge management to serve the humanity.